Blogger Janka Polliani posing outside of the Cedric Charlier runway show during Paris Fashion Week holding the Gucci Dionysus bag.

In mythology people went mad for Dionysus, so it only makes sense that fashionistas are going crazy now for Gucci’s bag named after the Greek demigod. Available in many vivid variations and featuring the label’s distinctive curved clasp, the purse is causing a frenzy.

Every street stylist of note seems to have a favorite, and each is as distinctive as the fashionista carrying it. The one Thassia Naves tucked under the arm of her warm gold and earth toned ensemble had a gigantic bee embroidered on its flap. Chiara Ferragni was drawn to a steel grey version emblazoned with violet thunderbolts, while Helena Bordon chose a vivid green piece stamped with roaring tigers.

Unique and engaging, every Dionysus bag is worthy of a close up look. While each one tells a different story, the unifying factor is the label’s signature clasp. On these incarnations, the element is melded into two tiger heads, another nod to Greek legend. As the inspiration of festivity, revelry, and now Gucci’s gorgeous creations, Dionysus would likely approve. — jas