A shopper attending the Heron Preston For You, The World tour in Moscow, Russia - May 19, 2017 A shopper attending the Heron Preston For You, The World tour in Moscow, Russia - May 19, 2017

While the traditional designer is quick to debut their work in New York City, Heron Preston abandoned all sense of normalcy and decorum by launching his fashion lines pop-up event in Moscow.

The unconventional event primarily sold his Fall collection among his other collaborations. The startling location choice is part of the breaking-the-mold mentality that has put Heron in high-up circles in the street fashion world, influencing the influencers. For over a decade now, Heron has had a close working relationship with Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White, and the two often collaborate on projects.

Most notably Virgil and Heron were part of the Been Trill clothing brand and DJ collective that set blogs ablaze a few years back. It was during that time that Heron was working as the global digital producer for Nike. But it was a call from Kanye West that plucked him from the obscurity of his nine to five office job. Heron quickly made his way into Kanye’s inner circle, assisting on Yeezy showings and even helping with creative consultation on The Life of Pablo.

Heron has being increasing the presence of his own projects and his Moscow show is another step towards that singularity. Heron’s new collection is called “For You, The World” and will be interestingly marked by a retail world tour. The clothing pieces in the collection are diverse, ranging from turtlenecks to bomber jackets to track pants. There’s no article of clothing he can’t re-contextualize into his own, well-curated world.

Most recently, rap superstar Future personally requested that Heron create pieces for him to perform in on his tour. Not unlike Future himself, Heron began by creating something unapologetically street and now gets to take it around the world. — jpw