McKenna Hellam displaying a striking new Christian Dior creation during the Couture Spring 2017 runway show in Paris - Jan 23, 2017

You probably recognize McKenna Hellam. The model was in seemingly all the best shows last season and she will be making more riveting runway appearances this September for the Spring 2018 shows.

Whatever that je-ne-sais-quoi is that makes a true runway star (apart from an obviously striking appearance) she’s got it. Fashion shows are about the clothing, of course. But somehow no matter how immersed you are in the details of the cuts, the textures, the tailoring, you’ll find your attention snapping onto McKenna’s bright blue eyes when she hits the catwalk. And she has walked a lot of catwalks! Chanel, Dior, Valentino — the list goes on. The number of different outfits and moods she’s breathed life into is truly astounding.

Her older sister Kaitlyn Hellam might be familiar to you, too. McKenna was following in her sis’s footsteps when she decided to go into modeling. “I started because I wanted to be just like my big sister,” McKenna told Vogue. Thank goodness for role models! Here’s a look at some of McKenna’s most memorable runway appearances to date. Among the models to watch this upcoming Fashion Week, McKenna is at the top of our list. — jas