Designer Vika Gazinskaya posing outside of the Sacai runway show during Paris Fashion Week in an ensemble that beautifully reflects her Parisian backdrop - Oct 2, 2017

Warm Sand and Greenery dominated the sidewalks of Spring 2018 Fashion Week.

As usual, Pantone is on target. The color authority named Greenery the color of 2017 and has predicted Warm Sand to be a favorite for Spring 2018. Both hues flourished along the boulevards of Paris for Fashion Week in recent days.

Vibrant and refreshing, Greenery appeared in lively bursts, worn head to toe by daring fashionistas from Caroline Daur to Jeanette Friis Madsen.

A warm neutral tone, Warm Sand swept the sidewalks in the form of chic trench coats, professional wear, and more. A vaguely military aura gives this trend its poise.

The two trends combine well. Mingling within the same outfit, Warm Sand grounds flashes of Greenery nicely. Together, the shades have a revitalizing, all-natural aura. — jas