Blogger Erika Boldrin posing outside of the Paco Rabanne runway show during Paris Fashion Week draped in an oversized jean jacket buttoned in an inventive way - Sept 28, 2017 Blogger Erika Boldrin posing outside of the Paco Rabanne runway show during Paris Fashion Week draped in an oversized jean jacket buttoned in an inventive way - Sept 28, 2017

Considering what a classic fabric denim is, it seems unbelievable that designers are still able to come up with new ways to wear it. But that’s exactly what’s happening. Between the runways and the sidewalks, there are many new options that really do have an incredibly fresh look about them. Here are the best we’ve seen so far.

Patching Things Up

So admittedly, patched denim is not a new trend (it’s been all the rage for years now) but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on the look. Susie Bubble has the right idea with this vibrant item paired with an equally vivid skirt.

Hardcore Hardware

If you’re looking to add a touch of grunge to your style, try a pair of patchwork jeans linked together with metallic rings. A studded Balmain jacket ensures that this outfit means business.

Frayed Fringe

Ballooning bellbottoms are just the start of this denim duo. The real attention getter is Kelly Harrington’s oversized top covered in feathery fringe.

Dotted and Spotted

Speckled embellishments are a major emerging trend. Here, the look is an interesting blend of casual and refined. Small pearls dot these grey wash jeans.

It’s A Wash

If you think you’ve seen every denim wash imaginable, think again. Stella McCartney’s Spring 2018 line is as avant-garde as it is eco friendly.

A Little Structure

Strong shoulders are toughening up all kinds of ensembles and the effect is especially powerful when cast in denim. Tamara Kalinic softened this intense item by layering it with an Antonio Berardi dress and adding green Jimmy Choo booties.

Denim on Denim

If a little denim is good, more is better! Slip on a pair of denim cut offs over jeans like Caroline Maguire for a one-two fashion move.

Double or Nothing

Caroline Daur can take credit for perfecting the pants-layered-with-a-second-pair-of-pants-or-a-skirt look last Fashion Week. It takes courage, but when done right the result is quirky and stunningly contemporary.

Blast from the Past

Forget mom jeans. The latest ugly-is-cool trend goes straight back to your preschool years and those elastic band waists you thought you outgrew. The greatest fashion challenge of the moment is to take items that would normally be viewed as the epitome of uncool and make them chic. Have at it — with the help of Lacoste and other labels.

So Pumped

We normally see denim in anything but footwear. Why? The look is rugged and awesome, as proven by Irene Kim in these blue wash ankle booties.

Casual Glam

Another unexpected way to wear denim? In a fancy dress! It can be done, thanks to brands like Alexander McQueen, which sent this frill trimmed cocktail dress down the Spring 2018 catwalk.

Fit to Be Tied

A denim corset? Before seeing Mugler’s Spring 2018 line we might have said it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be done but this look is actually incredible. Here again, it’s the contrast between an elevated item and the most casual of materials that creates interest.

Proportion Play

Miroslava Duma is not the only fashion pro who’s been spotted in an extremely oversized jean jacket lately. The voluminous trend is only expected to get more popular — and even baggier.

All Buttoned Up

A final styling twist that can be applied to any jean jacket is mismatched buttoning and inventive tucking, demonstrated here by Erika Boldrin. This technique works especially well in oversized items like this one from Balenciaga. — jas