Lady Gaga arriving at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards in the color of this awards season, black - Jan 28, 2018 Lady Gaga arriving at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards in the color of this awards season, black - Jan 28, 2018

The boldest fashion statements of this Awards Season are as politically charged as the shows themselves. Celebrities are giving even more thought than usual to the message they want to convey with their outfits — most importantly, through color.

It all started with the Golden Globes blackout. Word spread before the show that everyone was to wear black in support of the Time’s Up movement and its goals of eradicating sexual harassment and promoting gender equality. Hollywood got the memo. On January 7, the red carpet was a mass of somber, dark ensembles. In contrast, the mood was ecstatic and charged with hope and energy.

Some speculated whether the blackout would resurface the following Thursday at the Critics Choice Awards. But Hollywood’s leading ladies had another idea. A wave of white, neutral, and nude ensembles swept the scene as the blackout morphed into a whiteout.

Turning the blackout on its head, the statement was no less affirming while being considerably lighter. It was as if Hollywood was shining a light into its darkest corners, wiping the slate clean, and calling for a brighter future.

No one knew what to expect next after Thursday night’s upset, but the plot thickened once again at the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, where the protest took a feminine turn. Pink proved to be the color of the evening as stars arrived wearing subtle variations on the soft shade.

Saoirse Ronan was lovely in a powder pink custom Louis Vuitton gown trimmed with shimmery silver ribbons. Converse sneakers punctuated Millie Bobby Brown’s bubblegum Calvin Klein halter neck dress, while Dakota Fanning was the epitome of elegance in Prada. Putting an unexpected spin on the style, Kate Hudson arrived in a fun Valentino design with polkadots scattered across pastel ruffles.

Taken together, the SAG Awards statement was a gentle yet powerful reminder of this awards season’s politically charged focus. It also solidified the three main style factions of the movement, with pink joining black and white to complete the trio. For a political call to arms that places women front and center, pink seemed like an appropriate addition.

Sure enough, the GRAMMYs red carpet was no let down. It combined the top trends of the three preceding awards shows as celebs from Lady Gaga to Lana del Rey picked between the black, white, and pink camps. Those three colors were far and away the highlight of Sunday night.

Will celebs drive the theme home at the Oscars by showing up in a mass of black, white, and pink? Or will the protest take yet another unpredictable turn? The stage is set! We’ll find out on March 4. — jas