Editor-in-Chief of Mademoiselle Meme, Meme Biltagi, arriving for a runway show during New York Fashion Week - Feb 9, 2018 Editor-in-Chief of Mademoiselle Meme, Meme Biltagi, arriving for a runway show during New York Fashion Week - Feb 9, 2018

These three fashion experts stood out from all the rest in the Big Apple.

While amazing fashion could be seen everywhere, no one could take their eyes off Memé Biltagi, Charlotte Groeneveld, and Caroline Daur.

After making headlines for the last few consecutive seasons, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of popular fashion and lifestyle magazine Mademoiselle Meme was back in New York City for Fall 2018Memé first drew accolades in October 2016 for her striking monochrome outfit and graphic House of Nomad top crowned gracefully by a hijab. Since then, she has continuously been in the spotlight for her distinctive take on modest fashion.

An off-the-shoulder trench coat accented with statement fur sleeves and a Saint Laurent mini bag; a sky blue coat teamed with Gucci socks; and an exquisite combination of bubblegum pink fur and shiny metallics —  these are just three examples of Memé’s luxurious style, which is as tasteful as it is refined.

Caroline Daur is another relatively fresh face on the street style scene. The German blogger has grabbed plenty of attention the last few seasons for her sharp and often edgy ensembles, which have a knack for being right on-trend. Her followers might be somewhat surprised by Caro’s sartorial choices this season, which appear to have taken a more restrained and sophisticated turn.

While she has been quick to incorporate striking colors and unexpected accents in the past, Caro has by and large been sticking to monochrome for Fall 2018. Mature and impressive, these outfits are still inventive when it comes to high gloss fabrics — a huge trend right now being driven in no small part by this style pro. And she’s still unafraid to make a big statement — such as the gigantic puffer coat she topped with a Prada hat.

Charlotte Groeneveld is a familiar face, but she nevertheless managed to reinvent herself this New York Fashion Week, and deserves special recognition for that feat. The Dutch blogger behind TheFashionGuitar and thyroid cancer survivor captured attention again and again with her breathtaking outfits.

At one point appearing in the influential leather-jacket-worn-over-a-dress look that she has as good as patented, Charlotte also demonstrated her affinity for fine coats in more unexpected ways. Trying on trendy shaggy shearling and at one point a supremely fluffy white fur coat anchored by Balenciaga’s new shapely sneakers, she proved herself once again to be the master of comfortable outerwear. Both heavy and floaty at the same time, her Ralph Lauren design of midnight blue feathers was a particular highlight. — jas