Model Bella Hadid photographed in Paris, France in one of the absolute hottest ensembles of Fall 2018 Fashion Month  - March 3, 2018 Model Bella Hadid photographed in Paris, France in one of the absolute hottest ensembles of Fall 2018 Fashion Month - March 3, 2018

There were four from this Fashion Month, by our count.

And the first one we have to tip our hats to is Bella Hadid. Wow has this model come a long way in her relatively short time on the scene. Gracing seemingly every magazine cover last September, no one can say she hasn’t joined the ranks of model superstardom.

And it shows. Along with new confidence, Bella is rocking the latest trends. Her ensembles are sometimes edgy, sometimes out-there, and always sharp.

More than any street style pro right now, Bella likes to throw in a few twists that make us all go, “What is she doing?!” But it’s about time we stop doubting her ability to ace literally any look. There is method in her sartorial madness. In fact, it’s this element of unpredictability that makes her so influential.

Also, she’s been working in a lot of obscure labels that probably not many people would hear of, otherwise. Her hands-down best outfit for Fall 2018 Fashion Week included a Georgine Abbe blazer and Off White x Sunglasses Hut Matrix-style shades.

Interestingly, high contrast looks like Bella’s were popular throughout this Fashion Month, including a few that even featured conspicuous gloves.

Aside from Bella in Paris, Doina Ciobanu and Xenia Van Der Woodsen took mightily similar outfits to Milan Fashion Week. Both of these fashionistas also qualify in our wrap-up of standout street stylists.

Looking at Xenia, every sidewalk was brought to life by this fashionista’s light and free-spirited style. This is one fashionista with a real knack for picking the most lovely pieces right off the latest catwalks. One of Zimmermann’s Marie-Antoinette-goes-to-the-tennis-court confections and a striped Fendi sundress were winners this time around.

Xenia also played with retro vibes for Fall 2018, giving the ’70s a chic update with the help of a red hot crop top and tinted sunnies to match.

Another fashion expert who truly distinguished herself this season is Eleonora Carisi. Often sporting a chic pair of sunglasses to go along with her signature brunette bangs, she experimented with monochrome in a major way. Pantone’s Ultra Violet played a notable part in her palette, along with some hot pink and elegant crimson to keep things spicy. Designer bags from Louis Vuitton and Max Mara added impressive finishing touches.

And for Doina Ciobanu’s part, this savvy style star has been big news for several years now and it’s clear enough why. She’ll throw together a theatrical outfit that might remind some people of gladiators, and other people of Star Wars. Then she’ll turn around and reinvent earthy naturalness in a hooded mesh dress. Dramatic, unpredictable, and purely fabulous, every one of her ensembles is astounding.

Her robin’s egg blue Synesthesia coat had wow factor comparable to that of her strawberry sorbet Emilio Pucci look, which she teamed with matching tights. Sunglasses from Safilo, Rejina Pyo, and other names provided punchy exclamation points to many of her outfits. — jas