Jessie J photographed during her recent, much applauded stint as a platinum blonde - July 16, 2016 Jessie J photographed during her recent, much applauded stint as a platinum blonde - July 16, 2016

“To be honest, there’s no real reason for the ‘J’ in my stage name,” Jessie J has explained. Bursting at the seams with creativity, no one is about to question this powerhouse of a pop star, as admired for her fashion sense as for her chart topping hits.

An in-depth history of her many hairstyles could actually result in a sizable book. Long, sleek, and dip dyed one moment, short and sharply cut the next, to say her tresses have undergone many transformations would be an understatement.

Hallmarks include a Cleopatra-inspired blunt bob and braided cornrows. Also, let the record show that Jessie was way ahead of the pack with the platinum buzzcut trend.

In terms of outfits, she doesn’t shy away from trying out anything from futuristic sci-fi garb to comfy pajama style. Even when her leg was in a cast, she never missed a stylish beat. Catsuits, playsuits, and sheer weaves are staples in her wardrobe, and her favorite labels include Gucci and Vivienne Westwood.

A style chameleon if there ever was one, it’d be quite easy to believe that Jessie J is in fact multiple celebrities. She’ll step out at the airport looking like one person and a short spell later she’ll seem like a completely different individual. But no matter where she is or what she’s wearing, she radiates unmistakable star power.

And she pulls out all the stops for the red carpet. While her day-to-day personal style is quite funky and playful, she’s proven time and again that pure glamour is also her forte. The slit neckline Louis Heal Fall 2012 gown of dark pink leopard print that she wore to an amfAR benefit was one of those moments that made everyone (including Glamour) ask, “How does she make this work?”

The closest thing to an answer that we’re likely to get is Jessie’s own take on the matter. “Style, to me, should be what makes you feel comfortable,” she has stated. “Style should not have a brand. I don’t think that style’s about how much money you wear on your back, or your shoes… I just think it needs to be an artistic, creative outlook on who you want to look like.” Well said! Remember, this is the star who wrote “Price Tag,” after all. — jas