Stevie Nicks embodying her boho aesthetic in an embroidered vest while performing in Amsterdam - 1976 Stevie Nicks embodying her boho aesthetic in an embroidered vest while performing in Amsterdam - 1976

If anyone perfected bohemian style, it’s Stevie Nicks.

Take part in The Year of Stevie by upping your bohemian ante. All you have to do to channel the music and fashion icon is take cues from the aesthetic she perfected onstage with Fleetwood Mac.

It starts with the most sumptuous of fabrics. Velvet, suede, and chiffon make for an alluring foundation — along with basically anything twirlable. Then try adding a corset or some fanciful ribbons for a touch of fairytale mystique.

Next, start appreciating individual pieces for their unique character. When it comes to outerwear especially, a poncho or a blanket coat has the power to transform an entire outfit.

Pick your patterns wisely. Paisley is always a great choice, but don’t overdo it — stick to a rich color scheme. Knit or woven items should have a handmade quality if it’s not actually possible to find authentic vintage material.

On that note, thrift stores are your friend! Dive into as many Velvet Underground style shops as you need to in the search for a fringe-laden jacket or a ruffled skirt with your name on it. Embellishment is key.

Adding a vest can’t hurt either, especially when paired with a flowing, tiered dress. Again, be sure to test for twirlability. These ethereal pieces have the extra advantage of being comfortable, too.

Accessory rule number one: you can never have too many scarves and shawls. Mix and match — anything goes in terms of variety. A similar effect can also be achieved with creative layering and artsy cuts.

Now for a beret. Aside from trending to the max right now, this accent automatically lends a chic touch to any look.

Stevie was never afraid to incorporate celestial elements into her ensembles and you shouldn’t be, either. Look to designers like Julien Fournier and celebs like Nicole Kidman for a little inspiration.

And if there’s one label that really pays homage to Fleetwood Mac, it’s Anna Sui. Just a peek at her Fall 2017 runway is enough to confirm that.

Finally, don’t shy away from getting a little costumey if you feel like it. Stevie is an expert when it comes to slipping into character and, in the process, feeling more like yourself than ever. Try a little leather or lace (or both), blast the volume on Fleetwood Mac’s “Gyspy” track, and you’ll be on a boho kick before you know it. — jas