Chic showgoers attending the By Malene Birger runway show during Copenhagen Fashion Week - Aug 9, 2018 Chic showgoers attending the By Malene Birger runway show during Copenhagen Fashion Week - Aug 9, 2018

For every explosive trend, there is an equal and opposite trend.

At least that’s been the case at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2019. Clearly, this is the season Denmark has gone from on the radar to a can’t-miss destination on the Fashion Week circuit. Influencers, editors, and more industry leaders were in town to put their own personal spin on the crisp, clean-cut style that the city is known for. Here are the top rival trends that emerged:

The Label: Gucci vs Balenciaga

The sort of “anything goes” aesthetic that Alessandro Michele has elevated into a movement had a strong presence amongst the bicycles. The double G logo was sprinkled liberally through the chic crowd. Likewise, Balenciaga’s bold insignia flashed on triangular bags, graphic jackets, and more items that backed up this brand’s world-spanning blowup. Both these houses are phenomenons right now and although Gucci can still be said to have the upper hand, what matters more is that they’re both immensely hot in this moment.

The Theme: Minimalist vs Maximalist

One thing at a time or everything all at once? That was the main back-and-forth dialogue during this three-day event. Mod monochrome made an argument for stripped down chic, plain and simple. Other outfits screamed abject abandon with wild prints, vivid colors, and surprising mixing and matching — again, very much in the tradition of Michele’s Gucci.

The Print: Animal Print vs Polkadots

Animal print is always trending. There will never be a Fashion Week where these admirably loud prints don’t make an impression. By comparison, polkadots are cyclical. They’ve been threatening to come back for a few seasons now, but despite a lot of encouragement from the recent runways, it’s still not time to declare a definitive victory for this playful print. Still, the stylish spots were undeniably in Copenhagen, making us wonder if this will be the season they really make their mark.

The Bag: Clear vs Beaded vs Woven

It’s a three-way tie for this category. Clear bags were trending to the surprise of no one, having been established for sometime now. More unexpected were absolute gems of beaded bags in a rainbow of colors, most of them from British brand Shrimps. And lending a particularly Nordic flavor to outfits were earthy woven bags, many resembling adorable wicker baskets.

The Shoe: Chunky Sneakers vs Cowboy Boots

While the ongoing chunky sneaker trend was both widespread and carefully considered, we have to give our vote to cowboy boots, which came out of left field but turned out to be completely charming. Just stop and think about it for a second. Cowboy boots? In Copenhagen? We never would have seen it coming but somehow it makes perfect sense. Again, Gucci is probably at the root of this Western trend, but here it was styled with a delightfully quirky twist. — jas