Penelope Goldstone, Digital Fashion Editor at Marie Claire UK, took a head-to-toe denim outfit to the streets of London during Spring 2019 Fashion Week - Sept 14, 2018 Penelope Goldstone, Digital Fashion Editor at Marie Claire UK, took a head-to-toe denim outfit to the streets of London during Spring 2019 Fashion Week - Sept 14, 2018

There are always a few outfits that you just can’t help returning to again and again after any given fashion week.

London has come to a close, but it offered up more than a few of those looks. It’s almost impossible to pick just three style savants who stood out from the crowd, but here goes.

Great minds think alike: you’ll notice that connecting points include groovy tinted sunglasses, which added a retro touch to decade-defying outfits. And the most surprising trend was definitely the classic “Canadian tuxedo” of denim on denim, which received a softer treatment in the UK this season, in part thanks to two out of these three fashion experts.

Pénélope Goldstone

Digital fashion editor at Pénélope Goldstone proved that she is an master of head-to-toe coordination. In possibly the most picturesque moment of LFW, she was seen leaning casually in python ankle boots, wrapped up in a clay-toned coat dress. Grounded and refined, the look distilled a lot of what LFW — at its best — is all about.

Pénélope didn’t stop there. More of her London wardrobe highlights included a lime green beaded handbag that she paired with a flowing tartan dress. Don’t be fooled: this look was daring. The quirky color mixing could easily have caused things to go offtrack, but this pro made it look effortless.

Bettina Looney

Just as Pénélope is a master of color, personal shopper and stylist Bettina Looney is a master of shape. She has an affinity for pieces that combine form and function into hybrids that, best of all, look extremely comfortable. Case in point, the cobalt jumpsuit she teamed with a bucket bag and Matrix shades was elegant and powerful. The bold centerpiece could have overwhelmed everything else, but futuristic styling kept things fun.

It’s a similar story with her floaty white dress. Sprinkled with a delicate floral print, this item came across as purely carefree, but you have to appreciate how much volume Bettina’s working with. The danger was that it threatened to swamp her figure. But because she deliberately worked with the shape, rather than against it, the statement came off as a victory instead of a defeat. As a result, it was not just ethereal, but also quite brave, and the risk paid off. This was one of the loveliest looks of LFW, not to mention one of the most complex. And like most complex ensembles, it seemed perfectly simple on the surface.


Linda Tol

Further perfecting the signature androgynous style that has won her legions of online followers, Linda Tol stepped out in one impressive ensemble after another in London. The Amsterdam-based blogger is rarely seen without her favorite beaded Shrimps bag these days, and here it punctuated a monochrome dress-and-blazer pairing. The pearlescent gem of a purse added just the right amount of color while not distracting from any other element of the outfit.

This fashion influencer was also drawn to a lemon meringue jacket, with which she created a sweet and professional snapshot. And like Pénélope, Linda put her own stamp on the Canadian tux, cinching a dark denim jumpsuit with a statement belt. Her trademark platinum bob topped off each look, and we were glad to see she stuck with the bangs she adopted last fashion week. — jas