Emma Stone at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood - Feb 26, 2012 - Photo: Runway Manhattan/CelebrityPhoto

Turning thirty this November 6, Emma Stone really can claim the title “fashion influencer.”

Whether she’s in a fun Versace design or a classy Dior gown, her outfit is always a blend of playfulness and sophistication right out of La La Land. It’s hard not to think of her performance in the 2016 film whenever any celebrity steps out in a solid red, yellow, or blue dress — which has been happening quite a lot, actually, ever since the movie released.

That’s no coincidence! In fact, Emma’s gorgeous, carefree La La Land wardrobe was directly inspired by her real-life red carpet appearances in bright, flowing dresses in technicolor hues. You could even go so far as to say that Emma Stone has influenced Emma Stone’s closet! Now that’s a true influencer. — jas