Joni Mitchell exhibiting her signature boho fringe and long tresses - Jan 1, 1968

The mere mention of Joni Mitchell’s name will conjure up not just her amazing songs, but also the boho style she perfected.

Many people rightly point out that the “Both Sides, Now” singer doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the best lyricists out of the Troubadour circle. Her music is an eclectic fusion of folk, rock, and jazz, and just as her albums defy genres, so do her hip outfits.

Joni is all about natural tresses. Her aesthetic fits perfectly into the most admired aspects of ’60s and ’70s fashion, much of which is enjoying a major revival right now. In particular, super long strands paired with piecey bangs nod to Joni Mitchell like nothing else.

Since the icon will be turning 75 this November 7, we’ve picked out some prime examples of this Joni-style boho hairdo, from a ringleted version by Sarah Hyland to Rumer Willis’ peroxided rendition. — jas