Tracee Ellis Ross took a fancy to a pair of bow-tied Jimmy Choo heels - June 13, 2017

From handbags to wallets, Jimmy Choo is responsible for a whole range of highly desirable accessories, but the label is best loved for its shoes.

If the fate of the brand’s footwear wasn’t already sealed, Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker’s obsession with Jimmy Choo shoes settled the matter on Sex and the City. Carrie’s taste is irrefutable and legions of fashion enthusiasts before and since have shared her unfiltered adoration for the label’s delectable designs.

The Anouk, the Lang, the Romy — man behind all these iconic items and more is turning 70 this November 15. In honor of Jimmy Choo, here are just a few recent examples of his work spotted on the sidewalks and the red carpets. — jas