Rachel McAdams astounded her fans in a luxurious, ruffled-neckline dress at the premiere of Doctor Strange - Oct 20, 2016

You loved her even when you were supposed to hate her as Regina George in Mean Girls.

But have you stopped to appreciate Rachel McAdams’s real-life red carpet game? It’s hard to say for certain whether Mean Girls started Millennial trends or just made everyone appreciate them. Either way, the film was era-defining, and it’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rachel McAdams’s style influence.

Just compare Regina George’s flawless blonde tresses to Irene Adler’s brunette ringlets in Sherlock Holmes. Onscreen, Rachel is a total chameleon, and this versatility carries over into her off-screen appearances. She’s constantly trying out new makeup techniques that render her nearly unrecognizable.

The celeb’s fortieth birthday coming up this November 17, so it’s a good time to survey some of her best-ever outfits. Okay, maybe “fetch” really didn’t become a “thing,” and no one needs to wear pink on Wednesdays — but we owe more than a few real style rules to the actress who immortalized Regina George. — jas