Lucy Liu arriving at the 70th Annual Tony Awards in New York City in a fairytale-worthy yellow gown - June 12, 2016

The key to Lucy Liu’s style is all in the details.

Everyone who has watched Elementary has admired Dr. Joan Watson’s impeccable fashion sense. The show’s costume designers no doubt felt the pressure of designing for an audience of hawk-eyed Sherlock Holmes aficionados, and rose to the challenge with outfits that have been consistently on-trend throughout seven seasons, from skirt-and-leggings combos in 2012 to immaculate suits in 2017.

On the CBS show, every Joan Watson outfit is perfect right down to the most infinitesimal details. Fans will be pleased to discover that Lucy Liu’s wardrobe is just as tasteful and au courant in real life. Ballroom skirts from Carolina Herrera and pastel yellow gowns from labels such as Zuhair Murad are all in the actress’s repertoire, and let the record show that she was way ahead of the metallic dress trend with a molten piece from Versace back in 2012.

According to our sources, she’ll be turning 50 this December 2, so what better time to take a moment to appreciate some of her most carefully curated looks? — jas