Vanessa Hudgens employed a tried-and-true combo at the AMAs involving a blush pink dress topped by smooth raven locks - Oct 9, 2018

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of polished boho chic.

Whether at Coachella, on the red carpet, or just out and about in LA, all of her outfits are comfy, earthy, and exquisite. Some of those qualities might normally be contradictory or clashing, but Vanessa, who will turn 30 this December 14, can control them.

Even when she fractured her finger, the High School Musical starlet made sure to color coordinate her cast with each of her elegant red carpet ensembles. And not one to shy away from more edgy outfits either, she can often be seen stepping out in all-black or a metallic-accented look.

Wrapping all this together, Vanessa’s style appeals to a wide variety of tastes, making her one of our most enviable and influential fashionistas.  — jas